Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday 4th November 2013

I have returned to my blog after over a year, mainly out of curiosity to see what I was saying all that time ago. What fun, its a bit like reading teenage diaries but without the cringe factor!!!

Despite being fairly unfaithful to my running of late I still manage out once a week giving the rest of my time and energy to the joys of metafit, zumba and kettlebells...not such a lone girl running after all it would seem! Today's run was all about taking back control and getting out on my favourite route via the muddy woods, yapping dogs who thankfully didn't chase me and oh my all time fav...the sheep.I hoped to make it to the bench but that would be another day I think x


distance: 4km ish
time:        30mins
music    : audiofuel rollercoaster + Whitesnake for old times sake!
reward:  oooh I'll think of something yummy

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