Monday, 4 November 2013

Monday 4th November 2013

I have returned to my blog after over a year, mainly out of curiosity to see what I was saying all that time ago. What fun, its a bit like reading teenage diaries but without the cringe factor!!!

Despite being fairly unfaithful to my running of late I still manage out once a week giving the rest of my time and energy to the joys of metafit, zumba and kettlebells...not such a lone girl running after all it would seem! Today's run was all about taking back control and getting out on my favourite route via the muddy woods, yapping dogs who thankfully didn't chase me and oh my all time fav...the sheep.I hoped to make it to the bench but that would be another day I think x


distance: 4km ish
time:        30mins
music    : audiofuel rollercoaster + Whitesnake for old times sake!
reward:  oooh I'll think of something yummy

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Aegean fantasy and more!

Saturday 21st July 2012 I'm back!! I bet you thought yay she's gone for good but not so my friends... A fabulously, up-market watersports holiday kicked off my July in the beautiful Greek island of Lemnos. No chavvy high rises, no tattoo parlours and most Definately, no bars boasting Sky sports and English beers! Hooray! It was so refreshing. A typical day started with yoga or Pilates followed by some lounging by the pool accompanied by that famous 50 shades book. I couldn't linger too long as it was soon time for aqua aerobics then a yummy lunch of salads and watermelon. No wine...yet! Later on I would Sally forth to the wooden hut on the beach for a spot of waterskiing or as I liked to call it, face planting in salty water! The instructors were, as you can imagine quite the bronzed Adonises with impossibly laid back personalities! After a bit more sunbathing it was time for Zumba and ab attack classes all done on a platform overlooking the Aegean! One two three, aahh. Yup, I SO want to be back there. Cheeky mojitos and balmy evenings finished me off. I slept so well! Needless to say, no running was required in the above scenario. Sadly, I am back to the old hum drum life and lashings of rain. Stats: Distance: 4km Time. : 30 mins Music. : audiofuel mid intensity Reward. : need I repeat myself...?

Monday, 25 June 2012

A slow jog

Monday 25th June 2012 Not blogged for a while so felt I needed to say something to my massive fan base (not)! On Saturday my son turned 14 which doesn't seem possible but it got me thinking about all the years that have passed since then and all the birthday presents requested over time. To begin with of course you buy things that look fun and perhaps somewhat educational/practical, then it was trains then Lego ad infinitum. now it seems to be wild camping equipment/ technology. All to mark the need for independence and the inevitable drift away from parents. While I'm on this philosophical bandwagon I suppose we Have only 3 possibly 4 summer holidays left with our son, then we are supposed to go on those cultural city breaks that seemed a tad excruciating with a youngster in tow. Oh I know some parents embrace architecture, art and the opera with their offspring but I am not one of those. If it had flumes, theme parks and kids clubs then that was grand! Well enough of that. Distance: 4km Time: 30mins Music: Muse, audiofuel Reward: Knowing that I do have a holiday with my son to look forward to in 11 days...yippee!!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Thursday 14th June 2012

A fairly good week exercise wise, big doggy walk on Tuesday, zumba last night and today a 'maintenance' type run. I went on my usual route through lovely, lush farmland and past the cottage where I lived long ago. My thoughts usually wander whilst running along this 'well kent' trail and I often imagine that this is my personal estate and I will bump into one of the many folk that live here. Quite a sad illusion of grandeur I know but also smacks of Lady Chatterley...hmmm. Anyway I met not a soul tonight, just cows and plenty of midgies so busy at this time of year to get their quota of bites packed into a short season.
When not running or working this week, I have been indulging in my boxset of Nordic Noir which is zipping by quite nicely. Soon have to order the next one! Funnily enough I can't yet speak fluent Danish but I find myself muttering common phrases that keep cropping up when wandering around.
  • distance-3 miles ish
  • time-30 mins
  • music-audiofuel mid intensity long run, the first hour
  • reward-Nordic crime, Pinot + peanuts mmmm

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Saturday 9th June 2012 You know when you get an idea of how something will look on you and it seems like the perfect dress-well I had my eye on a maxi dress creation for quite some time and yesterday oh joy, it was in the sale and more importantly, my size. So sure that it would be fab that I omitted to try it on! Got home and immediately slithered into it's sheath like existence. How quickly joy turns into dismay when faced with a full length mirror. What was originally geared up to being a slip of willowy gorgeousness quite rapidly looked like Helga in a patterned tube. Mr W thought it was fab but he has weird eyesight and is an architect so presumably sees things in an upholstered style. I didn't want to be an upholstered woman. A long way round of saying I looked fat but there you go! So a run was Definately in order today, although had a lunch party to cater for first. It went well and I waited till I felt less stuffed and got my running gear on. A drizzly evening didn't deter my steely mood. Too many peanuts I fear! I think a spot of Ms Davina's stomach crunches will have to get done as I have a watersports holiday in 4 weeks, don't get me started on the beached whale analogies!!!! Distance: possibly 4km Time: 35mins Music: Bryan Adams, Muse, Audiofuel, Choir of Young Believers PS. V v excited as a box set of Nordic Noir is heading my way as we speak!!

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee run

Tuesday 5th June 2012 Great extra holidays on top of part time work schedule has left me feeling quite disorientated but happy, don't get me wrong! Last night was a doggie walk with Dougal and his mistress and it turned out that we went on a new route down near one of our many gorgeous beaches. This did mean some sand walking so left my muscles zingy the next day! Some mojitos afterwards relaxed our aching limbs-not sure about doggie muscles though! I find that after a walk I am more sore than after a run, goes to show which one I put more effort into! Today I was awoken with yummy freshly squeezed orange juice plus fresh coffee, courtesy of my darling husband who knows how to encourage me out of bed and into helping with the gardening. Ho hum I weeded grudgingly. Decided that perhaps he could join me in my run today. Well he did join me for 5 mins then said he'd had enough. Suppose this is now my third year. Should be doing all sorts of marathons etc but never began this malarkey to do those so quite happy just pottering on my own really. Have read some Juneathon blogs and felt a wee twinge of guilt that I didn't sign up for it this year but am actually doing better than last year when I did sign up! Distance: 3 miles Time: 30 mins Music: Audio fuel mid intensity + Fleetwood Mac for a bit Reward: Chardonnay + some Twiglets (hardly any really)

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Muesli and Herbal Elixirs

Thursday 31st May

Don't think for a moment that I have been slacking at the exercise door-I admit that tonight was the 1st run since that really hot one last saturday, however I have been doing doggie walks with Dougal and his mistress plus zumba.

Tonight I opted for a straight street run which I usually avoid simply because I don't want loitering people to muck up my running zen like space (!). I got a bit of that and also the fear that a motorbike was zooming up behind me when it actually was just the music I was listening to! The good thing about this route is that any hills are quite gentle and there a fewer midgies, always a blessing. Felt pretty relaxed, easy when i have a 5 day break starting tomorrow! Not sure if I will be doing any jubilee type pageant-just chilling.

  • distance-8km
  • time-45mins
  • music-audiofuel and a bit of some frantic dance stuff, can't recall it's name
  • reward-chilled wine +peanuts-so predictable, muesli and skimmed milk whilst bathing in herbal elixir